Check out our April 2020 issue loaded with content for the Ethical Non-monogamy communities! You won't want to miss this issue where we cover the Coronavirus and how it has impacted our communities, We also feature the lovely Miss Dizzy Star as our Temptation of the month and George Krause is the latest artist to step into the Artist Spotlight!
by Karen Tortora-Lee “Do you want some oil?” she asked, disrobing. When artist Kenneth Reed said […]
It was said by the renowned sex researcher, Alfred Kinsey, that “A nymphomaniac is someone who […]
For February being such a short month, deadline week has been surprisingly smooth  this month. Why? […]
There are so many ways to say love, but the best way is to show it. One of my favorite ways to show love is, surprise!... through food. I know, what a shocker! What better way to show your loved ones how much you love them than by taking the time to prepare a meal, which is the best form of love.

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Our magazine has always been about the people of the ENM communities. It has always fascinated us how incredibly "normal" people in our circles are... people from everyday walks of life practice ENM.
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One of the most excited parts of our magazine is a column we call the Artist Spotlight Series. We love to find Artists that feature people from our ENM Community to provide us with visual art of the kinds of activities we crave. 
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