Nolan Lawless tackles a difficult topic many of us are facing in these troubled times as we tackle politics, social justice issues, and even the Covid crisis… we are learning that some of our partners and friends have wildly different views to an extent where it is affecting compatibility.
Cassie Brighter’s mission statement packs quite a punch: “I bring empathy and humor into conversations that lead to social change.” But who exactly is Cassie Brighter? And why should you get to know her? Cassie is a trans woman, a storyteller, an activist, a strong feminist, and an altogether delightful human being. And yes, after our conversation, I can vouch for the fact that she does indeed bring empathy and humor - as well as a tremendous amount of warmth and knowledge - into her storytelling.
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Check out this month's Dear Kitty article where Kitty Chambliss from Loving Without Boundaries responds to one of our readers who is suffering from poor body image, and low self esteem.
Our July 2020 issue featuring Cassie Brighter and the artwork of Bianca Arrgghh! As well as our usual contributors Kitty Chambliss, Nolan Lawless, Ellie Love, Marilyn Belle and Hermann Humbert! With articles about relationships and polyamory, as well as content for swingers as well, this magazine has 48 pages of content our Ethical Non-Monogamy community will love.
An introduction to Privilege by Nolan Lawless where he shines a light on some real world, real time examples of privilege, and how we can work to minimize the impact of our privilege on others in our community.
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