We’re super excited for our upcoming March Issue of ENM Magazine! Featuring Portland Burlesque peformer, and […]
Valentine's Day, a day to celebrate love, can feel so hard for so many of us. There's a lot of pressure to show up with the right card, flowers, gifts, and meals for that special someone. But, what if you don't just have one special someone? What if you are polyamorous and have multiple Valentines?
It seems only fitting that with February being the first month we launch into the subsets […]
What happens when you cross a shameless, pleasure-advocating therapist, a soft-spoken tantra teacher, and a spunky, sex-positive actress? In this case, you get the CCM Triad, a fond epithet for Charity Joy, Cliff Rees, and Mel Moseley.
This is always an interesting time of year for ENM people because we always have to […]