It’s with very mixed feelings that we’re publishing our July issue, which will be our first 48 page issue in quite awhile. Nearly all of our writers checked in this month, which is really awesome, but some of our favorite features of the magazine are still missing. Covid still has us stymied for shooting with Temptations, it’s tough to get out and shoot, when social distance is the mandate, and let’s face it… as necessary as they are… masks just aren’t sexy.  So let’s dive into our July issue…

New – Love Bites – News Bites from the ENM World

First up… an all new concept for the Love Bites articles… Love Bites will now be mini news articles for our ENM Community. It may be something going on with our magazine, or one of our partner entities, or it could be news that affects our ENM lifestyle or community. This will eventually take the place of, or be incorporated into our Editors notes… but it will make for a good source for what is going on around the ENM world. 

Group Therapy – “No Justice-No Dates”

Our resident group therapy counselor and advocate of social justice issues Nolan Lawless, brings to light a real situation that many of us are facing these days, as we discover that our love interests may have VERY different perspectives on social justice issues. His article is concise in how people of the younger generation are taking a different approach to dating and have different values and expectations in their partners and how to navigate these difficult waters. 

Dear Kitty – “Looking for My Inner Beauty”

Kitty Chambliss helps out one of our readers who is struggling with self image due to past abuses to an extent that she is having a hard time being authentic and confident in her seeking non-monogamous connections in Dear Kitty – “Looking for my Inner Beauty”

Cassie Brighter

As a magazine that is nearly exclusively about Ethical Non-Monogamy we strive to be inclusive of the LGTBQ communities, but to keep our publication on topic we limit that coverage to where they intersect with the ENM community and the values and issues that may exist in their lives. As such, we don’t often get opportunities to talk to people who are actively in the LGBTQ community because they represent such a small percentage of our ENM community as a whole, let alone those that follow our magazine. This is why this article about Cassie Brighter is such a major thing for us… 

Karen Tortora-Lee hit another one out of the park with this one because, as is in usual KTL style… she takes a small intimate conversation with Cassie and puts together a beautiful story about Cassie’s life, and her brushes with our ENM Community that will certainly get your emotional gears turning. This is a beautiful story, that may just be one of the best stories we’ve had, about a topic that is rare in our world.

Artist Spotlight – Bianca Arrgghh!

Our Artist Spotlight will always be one of our favorite columns. It is a column where we get to explore the more creative side of our community and put on a pedestal the artists who tap their creative sexual energy to create art that visually celebrates the exciting life we live. This month Michael introduces us to an artist who phones in her work all the way from Holland. Bianca Arrgghh is an incredibly diverse artist who happens to specialize in a very unique medium. You won’t want to miss seeing her work, and reading her story! 

Strawberry Dreams – For the Love of Food

 Ellie Love checks in with a story about a recent date night and a wonderful new dessert dish she tried out on her very willing partner. If you love strawberries, you’re going to love Strawberry Dreams… and yes… as always, the recipe is included! 

Pictures of Lily

Hermann Humbert drops in with a fun story about their homecoming after a Covid isolation vacation. Lola gets a little carried away with some spring cleaning and finds his stash of girly magazines… and the result is entertainment! This article is ONLY available in the magazine… so if you want to see it, you’ll have to go check out the NSFW magazine layout! 

Confessions – “Julian”

Marilyn is back with her next installment of “Confessions” this month she tells us about a new partner she started seeing just before the Covid shutdown… with Julian, she gets to explore her “switchy side” while also enjoying being topped, and all of the wonderful parts of being a subby slut… while enduring the Covid Social Distance mandates… again, due to the NSFW nature of this article, it is a Magazine only article…   


We’re excited to get back to work, and get the magazine back up to speed, we’d love to get you involved. Find out how you can help by visiting our About page.


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